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Layla Mental Health Short Film Contest


Topic: The idea must have something to do with the topic of Mental Health  

Duration: The short film must be 5 minutes or less, based on 1 page per minute. 

Rating: Abide by a “PG-13” (or younger) rating.  For clarification as to the various ratings, consult the MPAA guidelines: 


Narrative: Fiction only, no documentaries or experimental films will be eligible.

Language: screenplay must be written in English.  

Maximum number of submissions:  Unlimited. You may enter the contest with as many screenplays as you’d like. However, only completed screenplays will be considered.

IMPORTANT  Guidelines for Short Film Production:

Winning screenplays have the chance to be produced. Given constraints related to COVID-19, screenplays will only be produced while strictly observing social distancing guidelines. This will help us produce the short film while keeping our communities safe.

We therefore call on your creativity and ingenuity to ensure all screenplays be written and conceptualized in a way that would allow for production in a socially distant context. This includes considerations that the actors, crew members and director may not be able to meet and film in person.