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1st Short Film Contest


As part of our contest, we are also offering a very special incentive: refer someone and, if they win,  you can earn the same amount of money they earn.

Yes, if you refer someone who participates in the contest and their contribution earns them part of a cash award, you will receive an amount of money equal to what they earn. For example:

If you refer one person who earns $50 – you receive $50

If you refer three people who collectively earn $400 – you receive $400

If you refer 15 people who collectively earn $1,250 – you receive $1,250

Even if you don’t make any contributions yourself and remain a Follower of screenplays, you can still receive awards from any of your referrals.

This amount is separate from all cash awards for the contest, so theoretically there is an entire other $2,000 USD that can be earned by the Open Screenplay community. Like we said, we are putting our money where our mouth is.

All referrals must be initiated from the Open Screenplay platform. Simply choose  “Refer Friends” from the pull down menu at the top of the page at any time. 

Take advantage of this special opportunity to earn more money through the Open Screenplay Short Film contestby inviting as many people as you can to participate!