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Climate Change Short Film Contest


Here are the guidelines for this contest. To maximize the chance of your idea or contribution getting included, be sure to follow these guidelines.


The idea must have something to do with the topic of CLIMATE CHANGE.  

This is open to your interpretation and can be in any genre. We encourage you to think outside the box with your story – think about the multitude of ways climate change can or will affect our lives and the role of the individual - on the personal, local, nationwide, and global levels.

The short film must be 10 minutes or less.  

Keep the screenplay to approximately 10 pages (assuming 1 page per minute) or fewer. Avoid complicated ideas with too many plot points. And you don’t have to use the entire 10 minutes – the shorter the better!

Abide by a “PG-13” (or younger) rating.  

If you are unclear what this means, consult the MPAA guidelines:

Your narrative must fictional.  

Create a story that has a fictional narrative. No documentaries or experimental films will be eligible.

Be written in English.  

We will have other languages available in the future, but for now all contributions to the contest must be in English in order to be eligible.

You may enter the contest with as many screenplays as you’d like.
Just be sure to finish them! Only completed screenplays will be selected, but this number is unlimited for each user.



No previously produced material or adaptations.

The short film must be a new, original, unproduced work. 

No CGI (computer effects).

Practical effects are okay, but be sure to keep in mind a smaller budget when including them.

No difficult to get locations.

Do not include federal or private attractions like The Statue Of Liberty, Mt. Rushmore, The Empire St. Building, CN Tower, Eiffel Tower, famous museums, etc.  This applies to all attractions around the world. 

No nudity.

Remember, this is meant to be a PG-13 (or younger) rated movie.

No using trademarks that belong to other people or companies.

Existing characters, songs, logos, brands, etc. will not be allowed.  Essentially, don’t use other people’s stuff.

No intricate sequences.

We understand this is a fairly broad statement, but sequences like car chases, extensive physical fights, or heavily choreographed dance routines will not be selected.



    • Climate change is affecting and will affect ALL people – all races, ages, nationalities, backgrounds, economic classes, and genders.
    • What is the role of the individual when faced with a problem that effects the world?
    • Climate change stories do not have to be post-apocalyptic, there are many stories that can also be told in our present as well as the past.
    • Climate change is not only about its effects, it’s also about the contributing factors and the way humans view them.
    • Not every story about climate change has to be deadly serious or only in the drama genre. All other genres are available to you.
    • Not every story about climate change needs to be a cautionary tale.